Proposal: Make gtk3 default instead of gtk3-classic in Xfce

Currently gtk3-classic package is default in official Xfce edition. What is the reason behind this decision?

gtk3-classic disables CSD (client side decoration) for gtk3 apps but I think CSD is a good thing. CSD provides efficient use of screen space. So I propose making gtk3 package default in Xfce.

Moreover, if gtk3 comes as default, there won't be any "hide firefox titlebar" questions in the forum which makes it a more noob-friendly default.

What is your opinion on this? Which do you prefer?

  • gtk3
  • gtk3-classic

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gtk3-classic addresses some stability issues for XFCE, MATE. Unless something changed recently I believe it is still needed.

Can you give an example of the stability issues, if you know any? Personally I haven't come across any issue with gtk3.

Not personally as I use KDE. philm wouldn't implement gtk3-classic without sound reasons though.

Anyhow from the github readme for gtk-classic:

  • CSDs are totally disabled by default. All windows are decorated only by window manager. You can enable CSDs by setting GTK_CSD=0 environment variable (or GTK_CSD=1 to force CSDs on each GTK3 window).
  • Client side shadows of windows, menus and tooltips are disabled by default. You can enable shadows by setting GTK_CSD=1 environment variable.
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Yes, I'm aware of workarounds. Actually I made a tutorial about them.

should be very careful, full version Xfce Gtk3 coming in august 2019 ( see Xfce estimed date release )
i see some trouble with xfce in last stable ,
xorg is more consuming cpu about 4% to 7% in idle, i have not theses values with gnome / kde or any other DE , may be working this future in unstable

Thought this was a moot point as Tomas is stepping away from the gtk3-mushrooms project ... but a new maintainer has stepped in ... long live gtk3-classic!

No gtk CSD is a good thing IMHO, especially for KDE users, but anyone who disagrees can simply replace gtk3-classic with gtk3.