Proposal: add net-tools to live isos


I’ve been going back and forth about making this thread in my head and decided take a chance and make it. Mods I hope you don’t mind that I went ahead and turned this into a poll from the start because I’m anxious to know the outcome.
Poll Question: should the net-tools package be included by default in live ISOs?

  • yes
  • no

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My Note on it I recently had to use it to ssh to my windows machine because I needed to get my machine IP because I had to backup stuff before reinstalling and my machine only has one usb port. Although it’s trivial to download it via pacman it makes logical sense to be added by default since it acted as a rescue tool in a way.

P.S. For those who say “Why not just use timeshift?” Answer: that’s what broke it trying to restore a snapshot. Might have been because when it asked to reinstall grub I said no but I’d be surprised that caused it to break since it already had grub on it.


Closed the poll to due to learning about the arch replacement of the package.


The net-tools packages contain only legacy network tools. They are not required to find out a IP address. All net-tools have more modern replacements that are installed by default.


By net-tools, you mean things like ifconfig, netstat and co?

Well, on Arch, these tools has been depreciated and replaced by iproute2 a long time ago. We use stuff like ip, ss, etc. instead. Most likely Manjaro has just followed the same trend.

At the same time, these are well known command and old classics, and are still available on some debian-based distro such as Ubuntu for example. For people who are used to use these, they would not be taken by surprise when trying to use ifconfig for example.

I won’t vote in favor or against this though, as I don’t mind if it is included or not in Manjaro personally, as long as the inclusion of net-tools doesn’t cause technical problems.


Yeah I was using it for ifconfig didn’t know it was replaced thanks.