Proper way to get wallpaper slideshow to commence after interval of inactivity?

Under System Settings → Energy Saving, there is the option to run a script under certain conditions. Is this the method of getting the wallpaper slideshow to commence after a period of inactivity before locking/sleeping? And, if so, would you please point me to where I might learn how to write the script. Thank you.

The wallpaper slideshow works, now, when all applications are minimized; but I’d like it to start on its own if an application is displayed but after some interval of inactivity.

I suppose that the slideshow is running all the time “underneath” the displayed applications, and it just needs to be brought to the top-level afer inactivity and then back again upon keyboard or mouse event.

Your desktop wallpaper is never going to be ‘brought forwards’.

But you can augment the appearance of the lockscreen/screensaver.

SystemSettings > Screen Locking > Appearance > "Configure.." [Button]

There set your desired time and slideshow etc.

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Thank you. When I attempted to do as you instructed, I found that I had it set up like that already. I thought it worked as I wanted in the past, but it seems that I somehow got the time changed to that of turning the screen off and never noticed because I got in the habit of minimizing all applications before I leave the machine.

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