Proper procedure for installing a GPU (advices for a newbie)

Hi guys!
In the next week or so I’m going to install a GPU in my system.
It’s gonna be the first time I deal with a dedicated GPU so I want to do things right and also know what to expect in terms of configuration.
For context, I have a dual monitor setup that I managed with the iGPU until now, while the GPU i’m installing is from AMD.

Here’s my questions:

  • Can I just mount the card, plug the monitor in, boot and expect it to work?

  • If not, what steps should I perform before the installation?

  • I want to keep using the iGPU for one of the monitors, what are the problems I should expect?

Any advice will be precious!

Probably, yes.

That depends. For example, Xorg or a Wayland compositor? It’s possible it’ll just work.