Project for a Dark Theme with a little Sunset side!

Hi erveryone here,
Hope this is the right place to post this wish of mine…:slight_smile:
(I am not a theme coder)

I only use dark themes on all of my devices and apps. So I went to the other side already ! :slight_smile:

I am wondering if such a modification of the title bar Could be possible on the Windows of file explorers … and for any apps in general on the desktop.

I find the Title bars when opening multiple windows, a bit too confusing by their obscure appearance … :slight_smile:

My point here - if technically posible - would be to bring a little bit of a Sunset aspect just to the Title bars, the rest is fine as it is.

And if at least 3 colors could be used for that - in my opinion - it would be a big plus in the use of dark themes.

  • I don’t know if this is possible in the coding or if “color customization” of these parts in that way… is sadly not possible !

See here - remove blank space :
https: //

I am attaching an image which shows the small Sunset aspect, Before and After modification … the starting theme is any pretty dark theme.
Colors meaning choice :

  1. The active bar is therefore in a fairly bright yellow … or pale gold if prefered
  2. The bar of the window opened previously - just before - is peach colored.
  • the idea - here - being to easily distinguish the open window immediately before.
    ex. for a copy / paste need towards 2 folders recently focused…
  1. The rest of the “older” windows would be in Gray …
  • the idea of ​​not using a black background for these Bars is that of being able to quickly distinguish the upper part of each window.
    Indeed when these are superimposed on another window with a black background … everything is too dark and you have to focus harder to find the top bar…you want to move or focus on, etc

NOTE: among ALL the other existing lighter themes -, having for example a Black Frame and Gray / Dark Blue Background, I have not found an equivalent to this theme project.

I am not a graphics coder and I do not know if this differentiation project is possible elsewhere.
but I wish it would someday, if you have expert buddies - share the idea!
I don’t know how themes are made and if there are tools to do this yourself,
I think that a coder experienced in this exercise will be able to provide an answer to this project much more effectively than I could.
Thanks for any feedback …

in the meantime, I will continue with my Dark theme a little bit … too dark! : D
Greetings everyone,

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

First of all, you haven’t mentioned anywhere in your post what desktop environment you’re using, and your screenshot also doesn’t make that clear. Every desktop environment uses its own window manager, and the window manager is what is responsible for drawing the window decorations ─ i.e. the title bar and the window border.

There exist several window manager themes for all of the popular window managers, but another thing to note here is that there is a huge difference between Qt-based window managers and GTK-based window managers.

Qt and GTK are both graphical widget engines, but they don’t work well together. In addition to that, GTK3 now uses client-side decorations, which means that the application itself (and the theme used by the application) will be drawing the window decoration instead of that the window manager does it.

Client-side decorations are what allows for the minimize, maximize and close buttons to reside inside of the application’s toolbar instead of requiring a separate title bar, but the downside is that if such an application becomes unresponsive for whatever reason, then so do the buttons for closing, minimizing and maximizing, given that they are no longer under the control of the window manager.

Lastly, I do not know of any window manager that uses a three-level coloring scheme for the active, inactive and most recent inactive window. They all only implement a distinction between the active window and inactive windows.

Now, when it comes to window decorations, Manjaro normally uses the defaults for each window manager, and depending on the installation medium, a few alternative decorations may be included. But you can easily find other themes on the internet. For instance, for KDE Plasma, there’s, and I know that a similar site exists for GNOME. Manjaro’s own application themes ─ which are distinct from the window manager theme ─ are also based upon the default themes for KDE applications and GTK applications respectively, for the greatest compatibility.

Hope this clarifies a few things. :wink:

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I’m sure someone already has:

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Thanks Guys…
Ok, I ll be looking first if anyone has done it into the store…
and then try with Manjaro tools maybe…hope I can find something that works out !
Thanks a lot for the clear explainings…just have to wrap my head arround a day or too now :grin:
:+1: :+1:

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