Programs still appearing in menu after uninstalling

Hi All,
I have run into an odd issue with KDE.
And yes, I have searched the forum for a solution but did not find one.
If it is out there and I’ve missed it, kindly point me to it.

I have installed and uninstalled a few programs using Pamac.

The problem is a couple of them (Xscreensaver and Shotwell) still appear in the menu even though they have been uninstalled.
Xcreensaver even appears in the Lost & Found menu.
When I right click the programs and select uninstall, Pamac only gives me the option to install them.

I have tried reinstalling Xscreensaver and uninstalling to see if that would help, rebooting too, but no joy.

I looked up the program file locations in Pamac but when I searched for them manually using Dolphin, they weren’t there.

I had started a thread just for Xscreensaver before I knew this issue affected other programs as well, and several people have been kind enough to try and help there. Many thanks to @cscs in particular.

It’s kind of weird to see these “ghost programs” appearing in the menu.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Many thanks in advance for any help that you may provide.

My guess is you copied or moved icons for those programs from the menu to the desktop or somewhere else. Uninstall only removes exactly what it installed, if anything has been copied or moved it’s up to you to remove those bits.

Post the output of find / -path /timeshift -prune -o -name "xscreensaver*" 2>/dev/null.


Many thanks @MrLavender, I had added the programs to the Task Manager by right clicking the programs and selecting add to Task Manager.

Here is a copy of the output:

find / -path /timeshift -prune -o -name “xscreensaver*” 2>/dev/null 1

You can also directly find the source of a menu entry via context menu ‘Edit application’ which brings up the ‘properties’ window (I guess it should be reported as a plasma bug - when a ‘properties window’ isn’t accessed via a ‘properties’ context menu).

You previously stated that you couldn’t find ~/.local/share/applications and yet you just listed /home/neo/.local/share/applications/xscreensaver.desktop which is the item listed in your menu.

Copy the location, then open Dolphin Meta+E, select path ctrl+L and paste the location in Dolphin ctrl+V <enter>

Ctrl+H to reveal your hidden stuff - you couldn’t find this before.
You should add this location as a bookmark Ctrl+B.

The .local/share/applications folder sometimes resembles a graveyard - I still have LucasChessR.desktop in there pointing to the non-existent /home/ben/LucasChessR/bin/LucasR'… anything created by you (copied/pinned etc) can be left behind as a dead link. I certainly have no need for userapp-KotatogramDesktop-3BEDX1.desktop for a few months, deleting that as I write this post :wink:

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A million thanks @Ben!
That did the trick!

Now if I can only figure out why my computer goes to the login screen every five minutes (when I’m not using the keyboard or mouse), I’ll be set.

Edit: I found the Login screen settings in the System Settings and turned this off.

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Please take note of the fact that the login screen and the lock screen are not the same thing.

The login screen on Plasma comes from the sddm display manager, while the lock screen is a Plasma module called kscreenlocker, and you can set the timeout on that to anything you like.

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