Programs extremely buggy and unresponsive


I have KDE Manjaro installed and it’s kinda working, but lately I have a lot of problems with programs like discord, slack and mailspring just crashing (not responding).

I installed spotify via the Archpage and now there is a 20 seconds delay between actions. I can skipp one song, but then it takes a couple of seconds for the program to catch up.

Is there something i can check for general stability of my programs ?
And is there a known fix for spotify ? I didn’t find one, besides clearing cache. (and that didn’t work)

For some reason the spotify bug got fixed by disabling “Show desktop notifications when the song changes”. I added the notification widget and now it is working, even with the settings activated.

Could this be a reason for other programs to not work properly too ?
(well, I gues i will see)

You’re trying to fix something for hours, then ask a question and you randomly discover the answer.

I remember reading somewhere that if no notification daemon is running, then those programs (discord, spotify, etc.) might hang for some time when they want to show a notification. I think that may be the case here.

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Yes, I didn’t use the notification widget, which led to this behaviour. at least in spotify
Thanks :slight_smile:

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