Profile Options for branches, hardware and kernels

In the “old” discourse forum, there were profile settings for the configured branch, hardware and kernel.
Will those fields be re-enabled here?
It was a good starting point to check for hints on why the user has the problems that he/she posted about :wink:


That seems like a good idea to me.


Rather than making a new topic I’ll bring up the features I am interested in seeing return that are not currently available here. First being the Off-Topic and General Discussion sections which do not seem to here (Unless they are hidden from me as a new account). The other being a built-in dark theme.

Dark theme is still being worked on, but is coming. Let’s see what we can do about General discussion too.

Is that a no in regards to Off Topic then?

It is a maybe. I’m my opinion, having the off topic category helps to keep the other categories clean.

Okay, @philm got the user fields added.

I see that when you register a user account, you can specify which branch you use, and that is also visible in the profile.

@philm you added Kernel twice, but thanks for the quick solution!

Yeah, me and Philm started doing it simultaneously :sweat_smile:

CPU is missing though :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t remember if there was, but add an option for a custom OS possibly?

There is Other OS and CPU is now also given to fill out…

I just wanted a way to enter a custom OS when I select Other OS. Did I miss something?

it’s exactly like on the old forum now

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Yeah, it looks so. I’ll stick off on the new requests for now then.