Process "pamac-checkupdates" fills up my memory until gnome logs me out

Hello, I feel like the problem started out of nowhere.

Every time I log into my Manjaro, and once the process called “pamac-checkupdates” starts, the process slowly fills up my memory (16GiB) until I’m logged out of my session.

Just before being logged out, I get a notification: “Application stopped: Device memory is nearly full. An application that was using a lot of memory and was forced to stop” is briefly shown.

I don’t know which package includes “pamac-checkupdates” so I don’t know where to submit a bug report, and I don’t know which package I need to roll back to a previous version.

Right now, I have to manually kill the process before it forces a log-out.

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The thread below may help, although I think the poster means that you should turn off “Check for updates” rather than “auto updates”. This can be done by opening the Pamac GUI, clicking on the hamburger menu at top right of the window & selecting “Preferences”.

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Yes, this works.

I think it was a problem with an AUR package, so after disabling “Check for updates” I had to also disable AUR support entirely (instead of just “check for updates” inside the AUR tab) before restarting and checking for updates manually. Once that was done, I was able to re-enable the AUR and “check for updates”.

Everything is back to normal. Thanks!

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