Process called "agent" in the system

Hello! I am new to the forum and also, in many ways, to GNU/Linux (you will notice this from the type of question I ask).
Perhaps I am in the wrong section of this forum, so if someone notices that it is so, correct me.
I currently have Manjaro Nibia 20.2 XFCE and, as it is recurring, I usually review the processes every certain period of time. I have recently noticed the presence of a process called “agent” (it is new or I just did not see it before when it was actually present).
What is the role of the process? Where can it come from?
I know it is a question, perhaps, very silly; but I really do not know and I would like to inform myself about it.
If you need more information, let me know.
Thank you!

The agent process is related to GeoClue2. Something with demos. So it’s probably a form of location service.

Thanks a lot!
Precise answer about the origin of the process, is what I was looking for.
Have a nice day!

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