Problems with wifi adapters!

I use Manjaro XFCE. I have a desktop without internal wifi card. The problem I have is with the wifi adapters. The only one who works is the D-Link DWA-125. Others like the Netgear WNA 1100 and WNA 3100 and Sweex LW 163 don’t. Which wifi adapter is for Manjaro most suitable? Can I try D-Link DWA-140 to increase speed? Thank you for your efforts. With friendly greetings from Holland. Bert Barten

Hello @bliekbus35 and welcome :wink:

Most drivers are baked into kernel, but some not and can be compiled against the current kernel. Important at any WiFi card is the chip-ID, not the model name.

Here is an example how to search for drivers:

Hello Megavolt, Thank you for your answer. With this extensive answer I can further work on my desktop. For me is Manjaro one of the best rolling releases. Keep up the good work. Friendly greetings from Holland