Problems with temperature and fan in Manjaro

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For several years I have had problems with Manjaro on HP laptops. I use the most common equipment from the ProBook and EliteBook series. Currently 820-G2.

Will there ever be a simple fan speed control app in Manjaro?
An application or a simple guide on the possibility of changing parameters?
I used the tutorials on the internet but they never worked on ArchLinux or Manjaro, hence this post.
HP laptops have a fan that runs at three different speeds. In Manjaro, the first gear is engaged at a temperature of around 40C. The second gear starts at a temperature of around 50C and the third at 58C. These are very wrong settings because it can’t withstand the bang! Normal work with a browser and gear number 1 works all the time. It is also enough to turn on any ONLINE movie and the laptop is still working in gear 2 or even 3 at a temperature of + 58C.
In Windows systems, gear number 2 starts only at + 59C and gear number 3 from + 67C up. Race number 1 starts only from + 42C. These are the correct settings, you can work on a laptop.
In Manjaro Linux, work is tedious!
I use a new ArcticCoolong fan, I have MX4 paste. The maximum temperature that the processor reaches when working with Windows (graphics / video) is 70C. It’s the same on Linux.
The fan settings in Manjaro are very bad, will someone ever improve this?
Now, while I am writing this post, gear 2 is working, processor temperature is + 43C. By what miracle?

The problem affects all KERNELs from 4.X to now and all Manjaro & Arch variants.

There is fancontrol-gui in repositories, and there are plenty other in AUR, but each has particularities and might work or not with some Laptop Models.

Manjaro is not making any application that controls fan speed. Other developers do, trough different projects. Packaging it is a different story. If you have successfully had fan control on your laptops with different distributions of Linux, please point to us what tools they had available, so the team can know how they can adopt them.

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