Problems with pinephone

Hi, I have some problems with my phone.

  1. Incoming calls - without name and photo, only number

  2. Missed calls - no notification

  3. Call history - one call is marked several times with the wrong time
    4 Sometimes SIM card loses connection

    after restarting the phone

    4-5 times a day I rebooting my pinephone.
    5 No localization - I installed Pure Maps, and I can’t use this app

  4. There is no Bulgarian language and keyboard layout for Bulgarian (for example traditional phonetic ). Now I use a Russian keyboard for Cyrillic.
    Manjaro ARM
    KDE Plasma Verison : 5.21.5
    KDE Fframeworks Version : 5.82.0
    Kernel Version : 5.12.7-2 - MANJARO-ARM

similar problems -

also, sms/texting was working initially, but now it is not - has not been working for weeks.

moreover SMS application doesn’t show date, time only.
Please add this essential, unavoidable feature!

  1. GPRS configuration doesn’t even exist
  2. Incoming calls dont show name
  3. Incoming SMS too
  4. PowerManagement is wrong
  5. Developers are just adding new versions, but not working.

Please try our latest dev image to see if some of your issues have already been addressed.

I installed latest dev image. No missed calls, no alarm sound, no Bulgarian keyboard and finally after update by Discover… after logging – black screen…I will reinstall again.

With plasma mobile I have same problems
(PinePhone not showing me name, only number of incoming calls, with Spacebar I can write SMS messages only to people that already sent me one - or I have to use something like ofonoctl sms and write it in nano - which I can’t do without an external keyboard because I don’t know how to use Ctrl key on a virtual keyboard…)
I actually can’t get my cellular data working even if I try all ofonoctl commands (e.g. sudo ofonoctl wan --connect --append-dns)
I have also a problem with my external keyboard - it is just in English and I can’t find a way to change it to Czech layout like I did easily with the virtual keyboard - It would be great If it was automatically the same layout as the virtual keyboard…

Install maui-station. It takes a bit to get the hang of it, but Ctrl works. I much prefer it over the default terminal.

Update via Discover :
Dependency resolution failed:
pacman <5.3 packagekit: could not satisfy dependencies
Уморих се вече

Working on it. :slight_smile: The branch is called unstable for a reason. :wink:

PS: Done: [manjaro-packages] [BoxIt] Memo (ARM)

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Thanks :love_you_gesture:

That’s OK, but there are no missed and rejected calls

Hi all,

I found a workaround to get log of missed calls that were notified (NOT which didn’t notify or ring):

  1. Create a file to store call logs: touch Calls.log.
  2. Enter in terminal: kcmshell5 kcm_notifications.
  3. Go to Applications: Configure….
  4. Go to Phone.
  5. Go to Configure Events….
  6. Chose Ringing option at the top.
  7. Mark Log to a file and chose the “Calls.log” file you created.

Note, this also logs answered calls together without distinguishing, you may get confused. There is also Missed Call event there but that doesn’t seem working. Maybe wait until the upstream fixes it…