Problems with Manjaro Linux on a HP Elitebook 755 G5 with Ryzen 7 and Vega 10

I’ve searched on multiple forums, so far gentoo forum and some kernel bugtrackers gave me usefull information, the rest were other people complaining of the same problem.

I think the best thing to do now is to submit a kernel bug… when I started this I did not know how to gather the required diagnostic information and how to test out a new kernel, but since I got that sorted out I can now submit one and hopefully get the attention of somebody working on the amdgpu driver side.

or try arch (unstable), as manjaro is based on arch, a bug report may take a while untill its fixed. months even

your best bet now would be to ask for help on reddit, try to crosspost it in multiple subreddits, like amd,hp, linux, techsupport. give as much detail as you can, if they cant help you then no one can.

Long time no update so heres one:

No progress so far, still freezing, even with kernel rev 2137397c92aec3713fa10be3c9b830f9a1674e60.

Now that Manjaro has the 18.0.3 iso with a more recent kernel that does not need the mce=off parameter, I’m going to ask on reddit for help from people that have the same model of laptop to put that on an USB and boot from there, just to confirm that it happens to everybody and it’s not just that I have a defective model (probably not the case).

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I’m not using the exact model but it’s HP Elitebook 745 G5 so I’d assume it’s basically the same model with screen size difference. Mine also runs on Ryzen 2700U PRO(Ryzen 7/Vega 10), but RAM and SSD upgraded to 16GB and 512GB each (probably won’t make a difference in this case).

Had no issues that made my device not boot. I installed Manjaro Cinnamon with mce=off parameter (also worked with Architect) because it didn’t have the updated kernel. Secure boot is currently off in EFI-only mode. I had a problem with suspending (screen not resuming/glitching after suspend) but resolved it with boot parameter acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor. Aside from too much latency with Wacom over Bluetooth (though not sure if that has something to do with Manjaro,) everything works from cameras to smart card reader, except for the driver-less fingerprint sensor and LTE modem, which I don’t have.

Thanks @imsesaok, this is great information I can link to when speaking with HP customer support. Yes indeed there should be no difference between 735/745/755 except size.

My Lenevo laptop with this APU does not boot with kernel 4.20, only with 4.19. Could that be a factor?
I never heard of the mce=off kernel parameter. What does it do?

@Strit here is the bug report where I learned about it I don’t know what it does exactly, I just know that it works.

Also I’ve been having these problems with kernel 4.19 as well.

Great, wonderful, extraordinary, amazing, incredible, stunning, unbelievable, marvelous news. I think I found a way to avoid the issue…

So I went in the BIOS again and started un-checking literally every checkbox I could find thinking I have nothing to lose, in case one of the listed features there was actually the culprit and it worked, at least for manjaro CLI, I no longer get stuck.

There are 2 things left now:

  1. Try to see if it’s working with a graphical install as well
  2. Figure out which checkbox or combination of checkboxes caused this madness, to document it for the other poor, naive souls that dared to buy this laptop.

Happy day today!


OK so the fun did not last long… looks like I changed some settings in the BIOS that I should not have and it no longer powers on… fun devices these HP laptops.

I’m sending it back for repairs on Monday and getting a new/fixed one in in 10 days after that.

Anyway, before it got bric ked (apparently this word is censored here), I managed to pinpoint the exact setting that was causing my issues… although I don’t remember it’s name exactly, it was something like Option ROM setting which was a select with 3 values: All legacy, All UEFI, All UEFI except graphic (or something like that). Apparently mine was set to All legacy (even though I had legacy support disabled) and switching to All UEFI fixed the issue.

Now… until I actually install XFCE and confirm that it’s working properly (with YouTube and Steam) I will not mark this as solved… (why would the fun stop now). But I am expecting no more problems.

Looks like making Linux work on this machine is as simple as:

  • Have the latest kernel
  • Disable secure boot
  • Disable fast boot
  • Set Option ROM setting to All UEFI

So it turns out the charger was faulty and the laptop ran out of battery during a bios restart. All is fine now, and I don’t need to send the laptop back.

The setting was called Optional ROM Launch Policy and it needs to be set to All UEFI.

Been playing with the laptop for the last 3 days and it’s working great. It looks like a full battery can do 8 hours of meme browsing and 4 hours of YouTube 1080p, and steam games work OK.

I’ll ask questions related to the annoyances still left in a different thread, it’s time to put this one to rest (finally).

So to make this laptop work you need:

  • Kernel with the following versions, or greater:
  1. 4.20-rc5 (commit 60c8144afc28)
  2. 4.19.7 (commit 00f91adf52af)
  3. 4.14.86 (commit 855eefd9124a)
  • Disable Secure Boot
  • Make sure Optional ROM Launch Policy is set to All UEFI.

Annoyances still remaining:

  • The yellow LED on the F11 button (wireless toggle) never turns off
  • The F8 button (toggle microphone) and it’s LED don’t work (at least it’s turned off)
  • There are 3 more buttons (a monitor, answer phone, close phone) next to the F12 button (that also have LEDs) that don’t work.
  • The touch-pad is horrible, it is unclickable in the top section (no matter how hard you press) and it sensitivity is weird when tap to click is enabled, dragging your fingers around sometimes makes it accidentally tap stuff.
  • The screen glitches right after transitioning from lightdm to xfce on first log in.
  • It’s still reporting hardware errors from the CPU in the console (see images in my other posts about them).

I can ignore / work around / try to fix some of these things… but if you’re reading thing thinking you should buy this laptop, please spare the frustration and shop somewhere else.

Anyway, thank you everybody for your support!


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