Problems with Manjaro KDE Qonos 21.2.5 on MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013

Hi guys,
Premise: I’m very noob.
I am a Mac user and I want to install Linux on my MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013, I tried some distros and I chose Manjaro, but I have several problems. I hope to find help in this forum!
I installed KDE Plasma Qonos 21.2.5 via live USB, in live mode everything seemed to work except the WiFi module and maybe the webcam, I don’t remember, but the webcam is not a major problem for now. All the icons and writings were very small because the screen has a very high resolution but I saw that you can resize everything as you like so it shouldn’t be a problem. With MacOS I reduced the partition on which MacOS is installed and created a second partition on which to install Manjaro. During installation I selected this second partition and used the same MacOS EFI system partition to boot (it did it by itself automatically).
Here the problems begin.
Problem 1: After the installation I rebooted the system and after logging in everything becomes bigger (text, icons, windows, etc …) but above all everything crashes immediately after login. I can’t do anything anymore, not even turn off the computer.
Problem 2: I need to install the correct drivers for the WiFi module but I don’t know how. I have seen online that it is a common problem. But I can’t solve it until I find a solution to problem 1.
I hope you can help me, thank you in advance.
Thanks to all.

Apple branded hardware are notorious for the issues rising when trying to run a mainline GNU/Linux system.

We can’t help - Apple branded hardware is unsupported - only point to a generic resource on the Arch Wiki.

The kernels on Manjaro are different than Arch and using dkms related packages for drivers etc needs kernel headers which must be installed specifically for kernel in question.

Reminder: Do not ask questions on the Arch BBS about Manjaro.

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Ok thanks for the quick reply. Do you know if Debian based distros have this problem?

I have no idea …

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Ok thank you