Problems with internal mic on Lenovo 720 laptop/XFCE

I have an ongoing problem with the internal microphone on my Lenovo 720 laptop running Manjaro XFCE.

When I use the microphone to record audio the volume spontaneously increases and until the recording becomes heavily distorted.

A workaround I found is to use pavucontrol to unlock the channels and to then set the right one to zero while increasing the volume on the left channel. While this solves the problem, after a certain amount of time pavucontrol seems to equalise/lock the channels again, and the problem comes back.

I don’t want to have to adjust the settings every time I use the mic. Is there some way to ensure that pavucontrol respects my channel settings permanently and doesn’t revert?

Thanks for any ideas here.

I remember having the same issue a while ago when I was using Zoom. I’ve done many configuration changes in pavucontrol until I realized that Zoom itself was the cause for the audio input adjustments. So after unchecking the Automatically adjust microphone volume box in the audio settings the audio slider in pavucontrol finally maintained its position


Maybe there’s something similar in the audio recording software you are using?

Thanks for your reply. It didn’t strike me that it could be the browser/some other app itself that’s doing this. I read on the Ubuntu forums that people have this problem particularly with Chromium-based browsers.

This is interesting because I get this problem in Brave, which is Chromium-based, but I don’t remember having it in Fireofox. I’m going to try the solutions listed on that post to see if they can help lock pulse audio down. Perhaps I’ll just use Firefox from now on, in any case ;).


I’m pretty convinced now this is mainly an issue with the browser I was using. I haven’t been able to find a way to lock down the settings in pavucontrol, but there there’s an extension available in the chromium store to stop automatic gain control from happening on any site. As far as I can see the only solution is to disable it on a site-by-site/app-by-app basis. It would still be nice to find a way just to block any app from modifying the settings, though.