Problems with Dual monitor

Hello guys.
I am trying to connect 2 monitors. So far no problems, the problem appears when i leave the pc for some moments the screen goes off, when i come back nothing works. I have to do a hard shutdown to my pc. Pls can someone explain to me why this is happening because is very frustrating and i don’t want other distros in my computer. I have tried xfce same problems, i have tried windows works perfectly fine
Thank you guys for your time

3 ideas to be checked:

check and modify energy save mode in your bios

check energy save settings, if needed switch from hibernation to sleep in (KDE?) settings

try an other kernel

Thank you @ycom1 i will try that, which kernel do u suggest btw?
Thank you again

try an lts first further down the list, and work your way up, or the direction, stick with the one with no problem