Problems with 5.12.19 + lightdm and 5.13.1 + sddm

I use the current Kernel 5.13. I have a problem with sddm, when its launched after boot i can’t really do anything, e.g. rofi isn’t responsible and The Witcher has stutters ingame when loading the environment. All this didn’t happen before on other Kernels. I usually need to restart sddm so I can use my PC. I used 5.12 from the boot menu to make sure its not just the kernel but this seems to be it. Any advice on what i could do? Any idea what may cause this?

Edit: I am on the stable branch

If only 5.13 is creating you issues, use the kernel that works and wait till it gets more mature.

Ok now the problem also occurs with the recent 5.12.19 update and lightdm. I think nvidia is to blame here. Can’t test without the GPU installed atm, but will try to find out what is happening as soon as i can