Problems changing lock screen


does any one else have a problem with there manjaro lock screen mine is un changable and has a forced lock screen as some old man and its zoomed on his face how do i fix


Can you take a picture? I’d love to see this…


More information is needed for useful response. What edition are you using?


i think its the newest one let me check

here is the link from the website i got it from

got it from an unlisted web site

and srry cant take a pic im at wrk


Manjaro Gaming Edition is not an official edition or a Community Edition.
It is a users’ own spin. Maybe the maintainer can answer? @ABOhiccups


oh and whats a maintainer im new to linux un less its not a linux thing


A maintainer is the person you created and supports the ISO in question.


I see why you might want to change it…



i created a person?


No. A person created the ISO. That person is the maintainer of the ISO, so he/she should know how to fix it.

But it seems to be lightdm, so you should be able to change the background with Lightdm GTK Greeter Settings (requires the sudo password to apply).


i read that some were else but that guy was haveing problems with that command



It’s not a command. It’s an application you can install from the package manager.


oh wow im rly stupid when it comes to linux

i just knew it was better than vista

what about sparky linux G.O.E. ?


i wouldn’t be too keen on having gaben staring into my soul. especially since he can’t count to 3 anyway


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As per the link on the Sourceforge project, the support thread is here: