Problems building the manjaro kernel


I want to use the latest 5.9 kernel from gitlab. However i want to use the NAVI-reset patch provided from the level1techs forum. However when using makepkg I get => ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

No description of error. It just Aborts. No idea why. First time doing this so i have no idea what i’m doing wrong here. I added the patch into the folder where the rest of the patches are and added the SHA256 sum in the PKGBUILD and the section for adding the patches. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

LD [M] sound/soc/codecs/snd-soc-cs42l73.o LD [M] sound/soc/codecs/snd-soc-c - no idea if there is a log for the makepkg error but here’s the pastebin of what i saw in the terminal while it was doing its thing.

Not great at kernels but to compile 5.9 after adding a nvidia patch i use


And then

makepkg -sf

That compile for me

yeah it still fails. :confused: did the same thing but at a different place.

CC [M] net/sunrpc/svcauth.o CC [M] sound/soc/xilinx/xlnx_formatter_pcm.o - here’s the log

This means there was an error somewhere in your compilation.
You may have to increase the amount of lines that your terminal emulator saves, so you can see the error. It can be thousands of lines back in the output.

My guess is that the patch changes something that is no longer supported by the kernel source.
What kernel is the patch made for?

no idea. it’s a patch made on the level1techs forum. Someone made an AUR package for the old one but the newer navi cards don’t work with it. here’s the forum link.

According to the forum thread, it’s made for Groovy Gorilla, which is using kernel 5.8.

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Interesting because somebody got that to work on 5.9.1. Welp - Potentially offensive content ahead! i think this is everything i saw.

And here’s your error:

  CC [M]  sound/pci/emu10k1/memory.o
drivers/pci/quirks.c: In function ‘reset_amd_navi10’:
drivers/pci/quirks.c:4093:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘pc_write_config_word’; did you mean ‘pci_write_config_word’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
 4093 |  pc_write_config_word(dev, PCI_COMMAND, cfg | PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY);
      |  ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |  pci_write_config_word

Since it’s navi related, I’d say the patch no longet works. :slight_smile:

I’m doubting myself here so i’m gonna actually retry pasting the patch. I think i may done something here.

i screwed it up lmao. It was my fault. The patch had a semicolon and somehow. SOMEHOW i moved the semicolon to the bottom lmao. Problem solved.

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