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since the last stable update (to xfce4-panel 4.12.2-1) the icons in the tray (notification area) don’t draw properly anymore. After boot up, they have a black background and when the icon changes (e.g. networkmanager connects) the new icon is drawn on top of the old one.

I use the xfce desktop with the openbox window manager and no compositing. I noticed, that when I enable compositing (e.g. with compton) the problem is resolved and everything is drawn nicely.

However, I don’t want to use a compositor just for this and up to now it worked flawlessly without one.

Any idea, what changed or what I can do?

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Doesn’t seem like a bug to me tbh, seems more like a regression of something else, if you only downgrade to an older version of xfce panel, does it still happen?
And no, i don’t think you can do something about this except downgrading to an older version (which is bad).


pls post output of

pacman -Q gtk3

I have no idea if this corresponds to the same problem I had with i3wm after the last update but if your output is NOT “gtk3-classic 3.24.1-2” try to install it

sudo pacman -S gtk3-classic

I also have no idea how this will influence XFCE. So test carefully.


Seems this has been reported before


You can try that, and yes, the bug is already filed in the bugtracker.


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