Problem with Vlc 3.0.11

Hi, I had installed some times ago manjaro 19 in a VM. It is still installed and fully updated. The vesrsion of Vlc is 3.0.11 and it works.
Now I want install Manjaro (20.2) on real HDD, but got a error with Vlc 3.0.11.
Seems a broken package with it …
I’ve retry live usb manjaro 19 I had keeped , vlc is 3.0.9 and work fine with my video file.
I’ve try live usb manjaro 20.2 , it is not working. In debug messages from Vlc i got demux error.
The file is a ts file recorded from live DVB-T stick, it plays on windows with vlc 3.0.11 and fedora 3.0.11
How to solve this ? (I don’t want flapack version with tons of Mbytes …)

If you try to disable high-quality audio resampling in advanced settings … or compare the settings between one version of VLC and another, you could also convert the ts file into another format with vlc itself

Hi, hanks for answer. The default settings are the same between upgraded version of vlc in Virtualbox and the on on new live usb. My goal is not to transcode all my recorded ts files… but to solve the package conflict(s). The file contains video h.264 1080i and eac3 audio, all that is standard since years

Unchecked the option “High quality audio resampling” that is in >>Settings>> Preferences>> Advanced settings.

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I had a similar problem with an earlier install, a full system upgrade seemed to have solved it for me, because i can now watch my videos without problem.
Maybe you should try that also?

For comparison of the video (I just checked)

  • Video codec: H264 -MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)
  • Audio codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
  • VLC:

Disabling audio resample did not solve the problem. Since the beginning of thread i have installed the new one in an other VM, done full upgrade and did not solve the problem too. Something is in conflict or missing in version 20.2

You do not need VLC to convert videos:
ffmpeg -i file.ts file.mp4

Hi Josef_K, yes i know theses commands since years, i don’t want to transcode… Here we speak about a feature that is removed form VLC of version 20.2 from Manjaro ii reading simple ts files…
For your information no problem on Windows and 3.011 nor Manjaro 19 so …

Sorry i missed the part about it being a .TS file, the info i gave above was from an .mp4 :smiley:

Did you check the official vlc forums, maybe they have dropped it?
(Because AFAIK Manjaro/Arch uses upstream versions to make the packages)

No It is working on Windows, Fedora and linux appimage on same version !

Ok was just trying to be helpful, no need to snap at me…
(See this issue what can happen if one stays calm and friendly, you lost your chance)

I think it is a special Manjaro issue or Arch issue

Look at here : hxxxs://
You had 2 threads at Manjaro, but is dead link now, why ?
In package 20.2 you have removed packet aribb24, Manjaro 19 it was in!!!
Installing it manually solve the problem, so please correct install pack dependencys of VLC!

See: About the archived forums

If you want to request corrections to packages, i would suggest you to use milder attidute (no ! usage), because you are not paying anyone here to help you, and even in that case you don’t have any right to demand anything from anyone.

I am moving this thread to Packaging so it will be noticed better by the respective persons.
I would advice you to post your requests there, if you encounter similar issues with other packages, in a civilized matter in future.

Always keep in mind that everyone on these forums are volunteers that help eachother in their free time…

Sorry for my response, i was a little bit nervous to find by myself and I didn’t know for archived forums.
Yes of course I will follow development link :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was looking for this exact problem and adding that library solve my issue