Problem with snapd

The snap code was published using classic confinement.
It thus may perform arbitrary system changes outside of the security sandbox that snaps are usually confined to, which may put your system at risk.
Install code anyway ?

im having this warning when installing code. i cant install code with
‘sudo snap install code --classic’ on terminal also.

Classic confinement is not enabled by default. It’s a security risk and defeats the purpose.

Allows access to your system’s resources in much the same way traditional packages do.

code is in the official community repo, no need to use a Snap.

but im having problem with extensions. there aren’t available extensions in the marketplace.

code is the stripped down version of vscode. It does not have access to the marketplace.

But there is code-marketplace in the AUR, that might enable this feature in code.


thank you. it now fully works…

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