Problem with screen recorders on Manjaro KDE

Hi there,
I’m a new comer to Manjaro from the Ubuntu world, and I have a problem with screen recorders (Kazam, SSR) in Manjaro KDE : When I record something, everything I see on the playback is blinking cursor and dashboard, without any opened windows.
What could be the cause and solution of that ?

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Did you try obs-studio? I heard it’s pretty good. As to kazam and ssr, I am afraid I can’t help.

How do you install kazam on Manjaro? I am a new user, so don’t know a lot. Would you help me plz???

  1. In graphic interface: use pamac. Go to settings, enable AUR, search for kazam and install it.
  2. In commandline:
  • Install AUR helper if you don’t have one, for example, trizen or yay:

sudo pacman -S trizen


sudo pacman -S yay

  • Install kazam from AUR:

trizen kazam


yay kazam

Note, kazam in AUR is out of date (last update in 2016) so it’s not advised to use it, because it may cause issues with newer packages it depends on or in worst case won’t be possible to install.

same problem i got right now.. have any thing which can fix it ? i used kazam in debian and it's great..

That's because debian uses 2 yr old packages.

Don't necrobump. If you're having a problem open a new thread.

As this is already necroed, here is what I did to fix this issue I had with Kazam, OBS, or even in TeamViewer remote session, assuming you have NVidia GPU:

  • Open NVidia X Server Settings
  • Go to the OpenGL Settings menu on the left side
  • Disable (untick) the Allow Flipping setting
  • Try to record something and see if it is now fixed

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