Problem with quiterss: not found

No problem except with with quiterss:

[marc@marc-pc ~]$ quiterss
quiterss: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[marc@marc-pc ~]$

That’s AUR package and your responsibility to rebuild it.

You need to rebuild qt5-webkit first.

QuiteRSS depends on qt5-webkit which depends on icu.

pamac build qt5-webkit

then rebuild quiterss and any other package that depends on qt5-webkit

To see all packages that depend on qt5-webkit:
pactree -r qt5-webkit

If you do not want to rebuild qt5-webkit you could install icu73-bin from the AUR, which is a workaround, then you will not need to rebuild qt5-webkit or quiterss… but it will probably produce warning messages every time you use pamac/pacman, theses messages can be ignored but can be annyoing. :slight_smile:


QuiteRSS is not working anymore, no error message, reinstall does not work either, error in built file…

QuiteRSS was removed from the official repository and added to the arch AUR in the 2022-12-06 Stable Update. A package that has been removed looks like the below line in the Raw Report (link just above the poll). RawReport: #822.

quiterss             0.19.4-2                    -

Perhaps there is something helpful at the AUR archlinux web page for Quiterss.

I switched to RSSGuard which is in the extra repository. It wasn’t too difficult to convert and learn the UI and shortcut keys. Just export your feeds from QuiteRSS and import to RSSGuard.

Thanks a lot, the rebuild of qt5-webkit works! :sunglasses:
I don’t even need to rebuild quiterss after that.

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thanks, RSSGuard is an option, but quitetrss is still better…

I prefer quiterss too. :sunglasses:

It’s coorect. I did have a similar problem here.
I actually just entered


After something about 3h working on rebuilding qt5-webkit, everything was fine again.

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