Problem with Qt5 Update of 2020-01-30

@philm, @Manjaro-Team
Once again after upgrading qt5 packages in my gnome desktop qt5 programs (manjaro-settings-manager, kdenlive, smplayer, e.t.c) do not work because qt5-base has not been upgraded with them.
Installing qt5-base 5.14.1-1 from arch all the issues fixed.
I have the same problem in every big qt5 update.
Please don't build qt5-base seperate from arch. It's a very important package.

We have to build it separately and if there is an update please always wait until it hits testing.

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on KDE environment is even worst with these QT5 updates, most of the time you cant even boot.

For that reason I have moved on testing repo just to be a bit safer than on unstable repo.

Update is done in unstable.
The reason for the overlay is to support older kernel.


All qt5 packages are now pushed to unstable.

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I have had breakages with this update also. 5.14.1-1 breaks my clipboard manager 'copyq' and my search program 'albert-lite' - there might be others but those are the two I have noticed so far.

Have downgraded to 5.14.0beta1-2 for both qt5-svg and qt5-script and now everything is OK again. My choice of version to downgrade to was purely random - there are so many to choose from I can't be testing them all!

As far as I know, it has not been a problem outside of Unstable.

Anyway, as Helmut said, it is needed in order to support older kernels, although...

...this is something that could be reconsidered if nearly no one uses these older kernels anymore (dropping these older kernels is an option). But that's a different debate.

On my machine the previous version of qt5 gave me a blank screen with a functional mouse pointer. The upgrade
[2020-01-30T14:32:04+0100] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-base (5.14.0-3 -> 5.14.1-1)
fixed the issue.
Looks like all the rest of qt5 got updated and qt5-base not. But now it's probably alright.

BTW: No blame here! Just reporting. I always have a separe X session in case Plasma is broken, on this machine bspwm.

All back to normal now with the qt5-base update.
Thanks all.

@philm Plasma on unstable it seems compositor is not working at all.

Every time I restart the PC the compositor is disabled when I login and I have to manually enable it.
This happened after the QT5 updates.

found the solution

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