Problem with nerd-fonts-terminus in i3bar

Hello together,

with the recent update to nerd-fonts-terminus (2.0.0-2 => 2.1.0-1) my i3bar looks like this:
instead of this:

In order to have the bar looking normal I keep the font downgraded to version 2.0
Which is bad and may break the system sometimes later. Is there something that can be done in the i3 config file to get this working again?

I use font pango:TerminessTTF Nerd Font 14 as font in the i3 config file and strip_workspace_numbers yes in the bar settings.

Any help is welcome. Thx.

i fixed it by changing the font to Terminess (TTF) Nerd Font Complete 12
and modifying some of the icons used in i3bar.

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