Problem with moderation: I was creating a post and I accidentally publish it before finishing

I was creating a post and I accidentally publish it before finishing and now I’m not able to edit it to complete it, because it must be approved by some moderator.
Must I wait to it being approved to complete it? What if they do not approve it, I would lost my content?

I think that this is a problem with moderation, because it lets the user unable to correct or modify the post. The post should at least be modifiable and visible for the creator, even if not public.

I approved your post about Ubuntu Studio settings for Manjaro.


The approval of your post by a moderator was only needed because you tried to post it in the #Development category. In all other public categories, you can always edit your post again, and no approval is needed. :wink:

It actually doesn’t belong in the #Development category. It’s a package request, so I’ll move it to the #site-feedback:feature-request category. :wink:

@Porru, you can now edit your post again. :slight_smile:


Well, it’s not about a package request, because it should be modified. It’s a development proposal to implement Studio Controls into Manjaro and other Arch distros :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies!!

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I’m sure it can be transferred back if you make that clear with your edit to your OP :rofl:
Which ofcourse would not have been needed to start with if you would have been able to edit your own post in this case also.

I agree with:

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