Problem with mkchromecast


i’d like to cast music on a chromecast speaker so i installed mkchromecast. But it doesn’t work.

When i launch mkchromecast in terminal :

mkchromecast                                                     ✔ 
/usr/share/mkchromecast/mkchromecast/ SyntaxWarning: "is not" with a literal. Did you mean "!="?
  if iface is not None and iface[0]['addr'] is not '':
Mkchromecast v0.3.8.1
Creating Pulseaudio Sink...
Open Pavucontrol and Select the Mkchromecast Sink.
Starting Local Streaming Server
Selected backend: parec
Selected audio codec: mp3
Default bitrate used: 192k
Default sample rate used: 44100Hz.
No devices found!
PID of main process: 2756
 * Serving Flask app ''
PID of streaming process: 2761
 * Debug mode: off
Cleaning up /tmp/...
zsh: killed     mkchromecast

I don’t know how to correct it.

Thanx in advance!


Have you read the comments on the AUR page? There is this one pinned AUR (en) - mkchromecast

You probably use pipewire, hence you better go with mkchromecast-git as mentioned there.

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