Problem with locale and translation

Hello, I noticed an unexpected behavior with translation of OK, Cancel Button in some application, particularly Falkon. Falkon is qt based web browser and the application is good translated in German, Russian. On Plasma desktop the main button (Cancel, OK, Apply) of all dialog boxes are correct translated, but not in LXQt . The locale setting of system are correct. The issue appears in archlinux latest and debian too. I nave no idea how to correct that.

The issue is with the upstream translations pulled from whatever translation service upstream is using.

You could go through the translations manually and modifying as needed - the problem with that approach will be - any changes you make it will be overwritten when the corresponding package is updated.

Perhaps making a note of where you make change - undo/redo when it has been overwritten.

The problem is, that I don’t know which .qm file is related to those buttons. They are not in ts file of the application. I think those button are sourced in qm file of qt. I suspect that in lxqt the translation is somehow skipped.

LXQt is translated here →

I have already corresponded with the developers and they deny that the problem is related to LXQt. I supposed those items should be translated through qt libraries.

If you take a look at the above link - you will find that LXQt translation - by any measure - is not complete


Yes. I translated a lot of things there. That’s why I found it :slight_smile:
I am curios if someone else has a similar issue.

I replied because I - sort of - maintain the LXQt ISO - rebuilding it from time to time.

I have also created a couple of LXQt themes - but translating - never - I spend so much time coding and reading and communication using English so the only use case danish locale has is to control my printer’s paper size :slight_smile: and the default collation for the Linux version of mssql server.