Problem with latest update

I have a problem with the latest update, notified as:

3 available updates

relating to inxi, libpamac and libpamac-snap-plugin

I started the update process, as far as entering the password, and then the final response was:

Synchronizing package databases…
Resolving dependencies…
Checking inter-conflicts…
Transaction successfully finished.

However, the update icon in the panel remained red, and on checking the versions of the listed items in Add/remove Software, no update had taken place.

My set-up is Manjaro/KDE on a Raspberry Pi 4B with a 64GB OS micro-sd.

How do I get this update to work?

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Open the terminal and do
sudo pacman -Syu or
sudo pacman -Syyu

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Does tis work in a terminal:

sudo pacman -Syu
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Thanks, Darksky, the terminal command worked perfectly. In future I’ll use this route.

Apologies for missing this post - it was above the screen area when I was making the earlier reply

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