Problem with keyboard on 2 laptops (HP and LDLC french laptop) -


Since 2 weeks, when I’m writing a document, an email, and so on … some characters get duplicated automatically. I thought that was a problem of my physical HP keyboard but I’ve setup a new laptop (LDLC, a french brand) with the latest release of Manjaro with Gnome Desktop, and it has the exact same problem.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

If yes, leave a :+1: ; if no, leave a :-1:

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hello Harrybo,
about the duplication, you can turn on a feature in gnome to mitigate the problem.
I could explain it, but quite frankly the explanation here is better.
Best Regards, Julius

Hello Julius-gu,

Thanks, i turn on bounce keys but it rejected some keys i use frequently so i turn on slow keys to see if it solve the issue.

Thanks again for your reply.