Problem with Gramps on KDE

hi if anyone uses geneology program gramps please could do with some help.
I have used gramps before on arch xfce, decided to try manjaro kde, which I like a lot.
Installed gramps through pamac and installed ok. But when I open up gramps a lot of the symbols, like + icon for adding a person are missing, heres the weird thing, when i hover mouse over where they should be, they are there, but not visible! Not sure whether its a kde issue, as it works fine on arch xfce on my old laptop, am I missing something, please help, thankyou.


Not using the software you mention, but change the system icon theme, and also make sure you double check if the theme for GTK+ are properly set from Plasma Settings. All that should give back a more coherent look on some applications.

thank you very much bogdancovaciu, I reset the themes back to default, and hey presto all is good, cheers, have a good day :smile:

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