Problem with GPU (maybe driver?)

Hi, i recently installed manjaro on my newly built machine and after installing the drivers i found myself having gpu crash issues on quite light games such as dota after seconds of play.
I think i might have an issue regarding the detection of my current gpu as listed in the manjaro settings manager in the hardware section as shown here (its in french but the name of the gpu roughly translates as "name of unknown device (ATI technologies inc)")

also it doesnt show a driver name i would expect (something named after AMD or ATI).
The card in my pc is a rx 5700xt .
Are there some wise and old manjaro users that can help me regarding this issue?

The card itself seems to be working because there are no intgrated graphics in the cpu i'm using (ryzen 5 3600) so its the gpu that handles the display alone.

Maybe i'll try to dual boot on windows for a moment to see if the card works there and if it doesnt maybe its a hardware issue.

That chip is fairly new, so you'll probably want to use a newer kernel (I'd suggest 5.4) if you're not already.

And welcome to Manjaro :grin:

If you don't already have Windows installed, look up how to do a boot repair because you'll probably need it.

Regarding your gpu, I can only echo the above, it can take a little while for the kernel to catch up with brand new hardware and 5.4 is your best bet for now. IIRC there is an amdgpu-pro (proprietary) driver which supposedly offers better support for the 5700s but I'm light on the details and can only suggest searching the forums for more info on that matter.

Edit- a search on my end finds the pro driver causing more problems than solutions so give that one a miss.

Editedit- other things you could try, I'm assuming you're using steam as you said you're playing Dota, check you've got steam play enabled and the latest version of proton running. If you have issues with a game on any given proton version then try a different one. Also check on protondb for any special launch parameters and tweaks that could help.

thank you i'll try this.
edit: turns out manjaro was already installed on the 5.4 kernel

10years late:
thank you for the advice concerning boot repair.
but concerning dota it's native for linux so i suposed it wouldnt cause much issues

mesa 19.3 was released yesterday, might be available soon-ish in unstable and testing here. (It already is in Arch Testing).
It should contain some improvements for the situation.

Also, Kernel 5.5 is in RC1 state, it also contains further improvements. That one will be released early next year.

Unfortunately, the Navi GPU's still have some issues.
You could try switching Dota to Vulkan or OpenGL, depending on what it now uses as default and see if it improves (it should be visible and choosable in the graphic settings ingame)

I tested the gpu on windows, it is detected and drivers are installed, it worksflawlessly so its definitely not a hardware issue.
Maybe i should try to "force" the installation of amd free-drivers on manjaro.

thanks for the informations concerning further manjaro improve
and regarding vulkan or openGL, i cant modify those parameters because the game crashes as soon as there is a little bit of 3d rendering (so at the very start of the game).

you should be able to force it with launch paramters --vulkan or --opengl.


the free drivers are already installed with the video-linux metapackage.
the proprietary -pro package is only supported on enterprise distributions like RHEL, CentOS and Ubuntu LTS.

Before you go that way, it would be less troublesome to install the 5.5rc kernel and sideload the mesa 19.3 (which means an updated free driver)

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you can try with Testing

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