Problem with Discord 0.0.12

hey i am using manjaro 20.1.2 gnome running on Linux 5.8 kernel. The screen share feature inside discord is not working properly. In screen share there are two options (Application and Screen). In this Application is not showing other application screens for live sharing and the other problem is that screen sharing is not sharing audio to viewers. If any one got fixes kindly help.

Thank You

Well i have no direct solution, but it could be that there is a change in the offical discord, which prevent this somehow on gnome3.

Maybe tryout Lightcord, which has the same UI like normal discord, but has a lot of fixes and work better for most linux users.

pamac build lightcord-bin

Still no screens in Application tab under screen share + no audio during screen share

If I recall correctly that feature is not available on Linux. You need to touch PulseAudio configuration if you want that.

All of them or some? Do you use X11 or Wayland?

i use x11 as my display server. all flavors of discord has the same issue ( official repo and aur repo ).