Problem with calamares and partition encryption

Trying to install on empty luks2 partitions. root is 35GB and /home is 465GB. /boot is not encrypted. The installer will accept the partition assignments without formatting, but I am never asked for the passcode for the existing encryption. The installer then goes on to 'write" to a partition that it can’t possibly unlock. After it has written half of the second group of files, fails with “fail to write” error.
Just to be clear, this is a DOS computer with no UEFI. I’m curious to know where it’s writing, other than maybe to RAM.
If I tell the installer to reformat as luks or luks2, it fails to ask for a passcode to set and the installer crashes quickly during actual install.
If I manually open the two partitions with cryptsetup prior to install, the installer closes them before the actual install and fails again.
Using grub with full disk encryption is far too slow during boot.

I suggest you simple remove the partition and amend the guide to your use case.

You can use GPT - then create a 4MB unformatted partition flagged bios-boot instead of efi partition.

Thank you for the link. I found what appears to be a bug in calamares. If I tried to format an existing partition, luks or ext4, I was never offered the opportunity to encrypt, even if I chose to format with luks. If I chose not to format, I was not asked for the password to unlock the partition.
I found that I had to delete the partition and then recreate it to exactly the same size. Once done, there was an option to encrypt and a place to enter the password. Regardless, my system is now correctly installed and this can be closed. Once again, thank you.

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