Problem with Budgie install

Hey Guys

I installed the Cinnamon edition earlier this afternoon and it's running perfectly. The machine I installed it to is a i7 with Intel graphics so I installed with free drivers.

I have downloaded Budgie to install on my Imac. This machine is an i5 with Nvidia GPU. I suspect that the GPU is failing and if I run it with the Nvidia driver the text is garbled and I get artifacts on screen. The display is fine with the free driver.

The thing is budgie will not boot with the free drivers. I just get a message that lightdm could not be started. All other distros run fine with the free drivers.

Any suggestions?



Installing Linux on iMac has is own list of bumps. Budgie has is own list of issues that i will not discuss here, even tho is a "perfectly" functional DE the way Manajro provides it. So, where would that lead too tho?
Booting Cinnamon install on iMac did provide better behavior, other DE?

Can we know the exact model?

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