Problem with booting Manjaro XFCE 21.1.1

I have the following mainboard:

2 SSD drives and one Blu Ray burner.

I can´t boot from Manjaro USB stick and DVD and also I can´t boot Gparted Live CD.
There it gives the error: AHCI Controller unavailaible.
The two SSDs are connted to onboard SATA controller and the burner to the ASMEDIA chip.

I have some information in the web:
if a DVD drive is connected to the Asmedia chips, then the system freezes.

I have installed Windows 10 Pro 21H1 on that computer successfully.

I have changed the drives to the following order:

  1. SSD 500 GB Windows (SATA 0 chipset)
  2. Blu Ray burner (SATA 1 chipset)
  3. SSD 250 GB Manjaro XFCE (SATA2 Asmedia chip)

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