Problem with booting into Manjaro 18.02 KDE


Hello people. :slight_smile: So nice to be a part of the Linux community. However, I am here because of a small problem that I am having currently. I am having problems booting into Manjaro. When I turn on my PC, it boots, but it shows a black screen. However, when I hit Alt-F1 and then ESC, it boots into the GUI. And then it works perfectly fine. I have already tried changing SDDM with SDDM-classic, but it didn’t help. startx doesn’t give any errors when I run it from the tty. Any advice and solution would be really helpful. Thx. :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s a wayland problem.


Test if pressing random keys has the same effect, because if so, then might be an entropy thing.
From terminal
sudo pacman -S haveged
sudo systemctl enable haveged --now

To be honest, that will make no positive difference, and better use the SDDM 0.18 that comes by default, so switch back to that.

Make sure you don’t boot in plasma-wayland-session as default and with autologin enabled, it has the tendency to mess things up.


Thanks man, it was an entropy thing, hitting random keys had the same effect, I have enabled haveged, and now it is perfect. Thanks! :smiley: