Problem with Arc Menu shortcut

The "Software" shortcut in the Arc Menu is not working. It just says "Unnamed" in the top left corner when I try to launch it. Any suggestions how to fix it? Thanks.

Open Arc Menu extension settings and on General tab, bottom row, set the shortcut that works for you.

I figured it out. In case anyone else has this problem, here is the solution.

So, by default, Arc Menu uses the terminal command "ArcMenu_Software" which uses Gnome Software as the application manager. If Gnome Software is not installed, you will get the "Unnamed" error. If you want it to use pamac, you need to change the terminal command to "org.manjaro.pamac.manager.desktop".

Please note, this applies to a minimal installation of Manjaro Gnome 20.0

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Interesting.. we can ask ti check at arc dev what Is installed and run what Is needed..

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What is the steps for reproduce the issue?

This occurred with a new installation of Manjaro Gnome 20 minimal. I don't know if it occurs with the non-minimal version or if upgrading from a previous version.

If you enable Arc Menu and then click on the "Software" shortcut, it won't launch and will say "Unnamed" in the top left of the top bar.

I think it says unnamed because it's searching for Gnome Software and it's not installed. So, you have to manually change the shortcut link to pamac instead of Gnome Software.

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