Problem updating Python 2


Hi I have just tried to update to the latest release and have the following problem.

could not satisfy dependencies:
unable to satisfy dependency ‘python2-sip-pyqt5’ required by python2-pyqt5

I have searched to see if it has been asked already but cant find a solution for Manjaro.

Can eneyone help please ?


python2-sip-pyqt5 should be in the extra repo (it is for me). Try updating your mirrors.


Thanks for your reply I have updated my mirrors still the same issue. Interesting.


Refresh the pacman database too

sudo pacman -Syy

Here both are installing fine, what is the output of:

$ sudo pacman -S python2-sip-pyqt5


If you’re running manjaro32 then it’s fixed in x32-testing. There will be new x32-stable update set “soon” which will include this.


Brilliant thank you.


error: target not found: python2-sip-pyqt5


python2-sip-pyqt5 is included with the most recent manjaro32 update set;

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