Problem: The requirement of "sudo / root" for proper functionality of gui programs and it's consequences

I’ve been running into this problem very frequently.

Today I installed the intellij IDE. Anytime I tried to do anything within it, things broke due to lack of permissions. So I used it’s built in terminal to run the needed commands with sudo and it was fine.
ex: “sudo flutter doctor”

But quickly I started noticing things in the gui that I had no commandline equivalent for. And after all, what is the point of having a gui if you cannot use it?

I ended up just running intellij as root. This prompted me to create a new profile and it created new directories for that profile outside of my user directories, which is annoying, but it’s fine. The end result is that now the gui is 100% functional now and everything works.

I keep repeatedly getting warnings that it’s not meant to be ran as root, and I get that, every gui program says that. But this is the only way I know to get this program to function correctly.

I had the same problem in visual studio code, and other programs, such as dolphin.

Is there a workaround to this? What should I be doing differently?

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How did you install IntelliJ IDEA? intellij-idea-community-edition is available from our repositories.

Never run things as root that never should be run as root.

That is what I installed, with Octopi.

Maybe you are trying to save things in a directory with wrong permissions?