Problem starting Manjaro after package update


I have the following problem, I updated packages with pacman - Syyu && yay - Syyu and restarted the laptop. When it starts now ale another different login interface, it comes out a bar at the top that has the fields session(without content), layout and buttons reboot and shutdown; in the middle is my user and and and be able to enter password, I enter it, I press enter and nothing happens.

I have the following features:

  • Manjaro x86_64 6.1.38-1-MANJARO
  • Uptime 24 mins
  • Nvidia GeForce mx130 GPU

Maybe something similar to this?
Either way some first steps are there:

I was able to find the solution, for some strange reason after the package update KDE was uninstalled, then I used a tty I reinstalled it with:

sudo pacman -S manjaro-kde-settings

KDE was recovered.

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Having upgraded my manjaro my GDM package has gone and after first reboot I got tty. Spent some time finding it out. Now I’m facing repositories problems.

after same update the reboot failed completely and I was blackscreened. had to reinstall and lose 3 months work. maybe before updates are released in future they could be better tested.??!!!

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