Problem: screen not locked on suspend/hibernate

Hi, everyone.
I’m using manjaro mate ornara 21.0.4, I think the stable branch, mate-screensaver.
I’ve been using manjaro for about two years now and my laptop has always been set to lock screen when going to suspend or hibernate.
But with the recent update or the second most recent update this behaviour changed.
Now if I suspend or hibernate the laptop, upon resume or thaw the screen is unlocked, which is a huge security issue.
I checked the settings: Activate screensaver when computer is idle is checked, Lock screen when screensaver is active is checked.
My laptop is set to activate screensaver after 5 minutes of idling - this works; and is set to lock the screen 10 minutes after the screensaver gets activated - this works too.
Manually locking the screen, either through shortcut or the menu, works.
Also my laptop is set to suspend when the lid is closed and resume if the lid is opened. Surprisingly, if the laptop has been suspended with the lid, upon resume the screen is locked, as it should be.
The thing is that most often I use Suspend and Hibernate in the Shut down dialog.
Please, help me check what’s wrong with the system and restore normal screen locking.

with the last update I had a problem with compiz too. while investigating it I ran compiz/ccsm in a terminal and it showed me problems with protobuf.
I downgraded:
protobuf 3.16.0-1 → 3.15.8-1
libphonenumber 8.12.22-1 → 8.12.21-1
and both problms were gone.

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