Problem running hp-toolbox with python-qt5 on Manjaro for Pinebook Pro

What device are you using?
Pinebook Pro

What edition of Manjaro-ARM is installed? (eg minimal, server, etc.)

When did you last run updates and reboot?

What package contains the bug?
python-pyqt5 / hp-toolbox

Describe the bug the best you can. What where you doing when the bug happened?
When I try to run hp-toolbox the following error occurs (taken from journalctl)

hp-toolbox[14104]: error: /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/PyQt5/ undefined symbol: _ZTI18QOpenGLTimeMonitor, version Qt_5

Any workarounds or known fixes?

That's odd. If you installed from the 20.04 image, you should have the regular qt5 packages, which should make python-pyqt5 work.

If I misunderstood you, and you have the 20.04 release, because you have updated to it, then you need to install python-es2-pyqt5 instead, since you would be using the qt5-es2 package set.

thanks! I had to manually switch to python-es-pyqt5 - now it works


Okay. So you have updated to 20.04, not installed 20.04.

yes correct

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