Problem installing font (KDE)

I am new to Linux and recently installed Manjaro (I got sick of Windows and its bugs) and I have begun to install fonts. I have installed EB Garamond (the Georg Duffner version, not the Google Fonts version) and not all of the OTF font files can be installed (I am using the preinstalled font utility in KDE). There are two versions of the font (8 and 12) and the system installs some files from one version and some from the other. It will not recognize that they are different and when I try to install the missing fonts, the font manager says that the font is already installed. I did not have this problem on Windows. Why would this be and what can I do to fix it?

If it is not already in the manjaro repos, then try using one of the packages from the aur. One of the packages has Duffner's (current progress of his own) work. While another package is like a compilation of Duffner and Pardo's work (for fast-tracked completeness). The aur webpage should have more info.

And for some context according to

As of 2014 his implementation included fonts based on the 8 and 12 point forms from the 1592 specimen, but lacked the bold font faces. As Georg Mayr-Duffner couldn't complete the bold weights for personal reasons, Google commissioned the Spanish type designer Octavio Pardo[3] to continue the project. As of 2018 Pardo's implementation includes 5 weights (Regular, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold and Extra-Bold), both in regular and italic style.

To verify which compatible font is used then type in terminal: fc-match 'Garamond'

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What is the aur? Please pardon me my ignorance.

I know about Prado's work. Because I do not know if his version has all of the open-type features and all the same glyphs, and for fear that Prado's version was changed (even slightly) in order that it may conform with Google's criteria for fonts hosted on their site (thus becoming less historically accurate if indeed some glyphs were removed), I downloaded Duffner's version. Perhaps I downloaded the wrong version from the project's page? The latest completed version seems to be from 2014. Perhaps there is a newer one, but I do not know how to compile a font (I am familiar with MacOS and Windows 10 and all I have ever had to do was simply install fonts on my system without compiling them).

I ran the command and it came up with this: NimbusRoman-Regular.otf: "Nimbus Roman" "Regular"

AUR = Arch User Repository
In Add/Remove Software (pamac), enable AUR support in preferences.
Search for garamond produces several results.

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Thanks everyone.

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Some other fonts have this same problem, but they are not in the AUR. Is there a way for me to manually install two different fonts which the system thinks are the same?

You can rename font files using FontForge and then save them in /home/your_name/.fonts

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