Problem install python38 / tensorflow

I am currently using python39 and I need to run tensorflow.

However for the life of me I cannot figure out how to install tensorflow so that it is visible when I use ‘pip freeze’. I believe I need to install python38 since tensorflow doesn’t yet support python39, but I cannot seem to install python38 from the AUR. When I build using pacman-manager, I get error ‘Failed to check python38 dependencies’.

Any help is appreciated on how I can import tensorflow with the lastest python (3.9) or how I can revert to 3.8. Thanks.

Tensorflow Nightly supports Python 3.9:

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If you want to use tensorflow with older Python version probably the fastest solution will be use Docker image of tensorflow:

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Thanks for all your quick replies. I installed pyenv and was able to set a local version.

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