Problem for Manjaro installation

I’m following the guide that Manjaro provides by default for all new users (i’m a beginner). Paraphrasing one of the guidelines: “If you have an installed operating system and want to install Manjaro to the side, then you must create a partition on the disc.” That’s what I do as indicated by the image.

Here is a summary of the configuration that I’ve established before the installation.

Install Manjaro 21.2.6 alongside another operating system on disk /dev/sda (Hitachi HDS721032CLA362).

Resize 304640MiB partition /dev/sda2 to 190976MiB.
Create new 113314MiB partition on /dev/sda (Hitachi HDS721032CLA362) with file system ext4.
Flag 113314MiB ext4 partition as boot.
Install Manjaro on new ext4 system partition.
Install boot loader on /dev/sda.

Finally, this is the error:

The installer failed to resize partition /dev/sda2 on disk Hitachi HDS721032CLA362.

Shrink partition /dev/sda2 from 297.55GiB to 186.89GiB
Job: Check file system on partition /dev/sda2
Command: ntfsresize --no-progress-bar --info --force --verbose /dev/sda2

Checking partition /dev/sda2 before resize/move failed.

I probably have not been technical or specific to the problem, but I think you can see what the error may be. I strongly appreciate it and I’m willing to answer any questions if the problem is not very clear.

Can you try Gparted ? (Download: GParted -- Download)

It could be, that the partition is full, that it can not be resized.

This indicates that you want to resize/shrink a Windows partition.
If you can at all - do this from within Windows itself. Much safer and easier.
Also make sure that fast startup and all that is disabled and Windows is fully shut down before you try to touch the partition or install another OS beside it.

My hard disk has three partitions: Windows 10 (100.00 Mib NFTS), sda2 (297.55 Gib NFTS) and sda3 (450.00 Mib NFTS). So I don’t know if I can’t resize … I’ll try to use Gparted.

I’d always prefer using Windows native tools when “messing” with Windows partitions … but it is your machine … :wink:

that can be, since i’m resizing the sda2 partition and there’s installed Windows 10.

Maybe you can adjust your partitions in Windows first. There are a lot of tools can be used, for example, EaseUS partition master, AOMEI Partition Assistant, Paragon Partition Manager, etc.

No additional software necessary to shrink or grow partitions in Windows - it already has got everything needed.
But it is too long that I have used it for me to remember how to launch it - I always found it via the integrated help function.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve already fixed the problem. The solution is exactly the one that indicated @Nachlese

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