Problem copying a folder into a removable device

Using Dolphin, i had a problem copying a folder into a USB stick, appearing a red note on Dolphin saying that it could not make the said folder. When copying inside my hard drive from one place to another was not a problem. Then i figured out: the problem was the folder and some more inside it had a blank space entered at the end of the name. Can anyone explain why the error happens only when copying to the USB stick? Is that because of the different file system? Can it be avoided, meaning automatically assume the blank space as nothing?

What Filesystem do you use on your Harddisk ?
What Filesystem do you use on your USB-Stick ?

P.S. For human readable and useable files it is bad practice to use spaces at the end of a filename :wink:

And there are a few programs out there, that don´t perform good with spaces at the end of a name. :rofl: Some programmers do try to detect spaces in names of files, but do forget, that a space may also be leading or trailing. Similar things may happen, when a filename contains more then one “.” :wink:

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Harddisk: ext4
USB stick: fuseblk (NTFS)

I think you are right. It was my fault first and i am trying to blame it on the PC. :wink:

The space character has nothing to do with it, because Dolphin correctly handles filenames with spaces and other unusual characters in them.

It’s a permissions issue. Please read the long but very informative tutorial below. :arrow_down:


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I am not going to read all that now… :smiley: But when i removed the space character it worked, so it can’t be a permissions issue.