Problem connecting to raspberry pi with ssh

Hi, I installed manjaro i3 edition to my main machine and it works amazingly good but I have one problem, I also have raspberry pi 4 with 4GB of RAM running raspberry pi os. And I’m used to connect to it with ssh like that ssh -X pi@192.168… but now when I’m connecting to it its just spitting out random characters but it still sees the commands that i put in I just cant see what I’m putting in because it just giving me random characters in the run prompt

By the way I’m pretty new to arch in general and I heard that in the manjaro forums I need to give out some system information so if you need to see something just say it because I really dont know what to give

Ok. I have tried now to ssh from xfce4-terminal insted of alacritty and it works, I really dont know what is going on, On Pop os I run alacritty and ssh’ed to my raspberry like a million times and all was ok

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Not sure if this will help in any way but -X drew my attention, I use ssh to connect to a pi and never use the -X option.
man ssh says:
-X Enables X11 forwarding. This can also be specified on a per-host basis in a configuration file.
-x Disables X11 forwarding.

are you using X11 forwarding?

Hi, thanks

Yap I do that on purpose, I need to recive the output that I get from the raspberry pi camera for the project that I do.

I thought about it too and I have tried without the -X and it still did not work

I thought that there is an arch to debian misscomunication But it isnt true because it works with xfce4-terminal on arch, So its probably an alacritty problem

but its strange because on pop os it worked

Have you tried using -Y instead of -X.

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Have you enabled X11 forwarding in your SSH config on the Pi4 running Manjaro?

I dont think that its because the X11 because I tried without it enabled and it still didnt work, I know that it isnt a manjaro problem aither because after writing this issue overhere I discovered that the problem is alacritty specific and in xfce4-terminal it works

My RPI running raspberry pi os, my main machine is running manjaro.
this is again an alacritty problem
I just moved to xfce4-terminal for now

So this is not related to Manjaro ARM running on the Raspberry Pi then.

No the problem is defenetly in my terminal emulator on my main machine

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